Luz Upegui

LU_final board.jpg

‘Simplicity’, Minimalism’s power rests within its simplicity. This installation is comprised of one wall and its ability to move, changing its opacity based on its position in space and time. Emotions are formed within the user and framed by the installation itself. As humans we are as big as our emotions. An emotional space is created by how we react and interact. This installation will define emotional space through a variation of phases as it pivots on multiple axis interacting with the audience. The entire concept resonates with the idea that art measures space.

By constructing and deconstructing the definitions of emotional space through physical representation, the installation is able to break down this definition architecturally into various phases. These phases represent the many stages we as humans go through emotionally. The experience that is to be gained by the user is broken into five phases, lack of, artificial, uneven, free, and vulnerable emotional space. The user is placed within the space with the wall in the center of the room. The wall is placed on intervals, pivoting on the x, y, and z axis creating five variations of space that represent the five phases of emotional space.

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By creating this human scale installation, one is able to feel ‘emotional space’ through a different lens. The wall represents the emotional walls that we build up or break down.  Each phase interacts the user with the space, the wall, other users, and with themselves on a personal level by immersing them within the installation.



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