Junyi Gu


The diagram of original status

This world is three-dimensional. There are no absolute two-dimensional things in the world. However, people’s visual perception allows them to have different feelings as they shift from two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. People tend to think of a very flat thing as two-dimensional, such as a flat piece of paper. Yet through the simple act of folding paper into a honeycombed form, its original status is transformed from flatness to volumetric space.

People create and experience space.  From 2D to 3D, simple or complicated, space has innumerable possibilities. This installation’s structure framework creates a 10*10*10ft cubic space. Within the space, it’s completely open and free. That’s just the beginning. By pulling the units embedded in the base, the honeycomb constructions vertically extend the 0.5ft thick units to several feet high. The original open space can be divided and sub-divided by the extended honeycomb structures. Standing within the cube, the occupied space can be experienced as narrow, spacious, low, or tall. People can cross these channels, sit on these structures, walk along and change these structures, feeling and creating different types of spaces. The honeycomb units can not only be pulled in one direction, but also in every direction, allowing innumerable possibilities. A 10*10*10ft cubic space, is simple. With the addition of the flexible honeycomb structures, a single space becomes complex.

Architecture is an expression of space and a process from 2D to 3D. The final form of the installation is intricate, constituted by numberless “honeycomb structures.”  By creating a flexible , reconfigurable space, this installation breaks through its’ perceptual limitations, opening the viewer up to inspiration.

Final poster of installation

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