Fei Tao

Maquette with Shadow

Joys of Forests

We exist in the Information Era, experiencing a digital revolution with high-speed transformations happening every second. Recent developments and the widespread adoption of communication technologies continue to increase the pace of work, leaving limited time and opportunity for urban dwellers to simply enjoy nature. Concurrently, urbanization-the great shift of population from rural to urban areas-demands vast commercial and residential lands, while simultaneously reducing urban green space. However, indoor plants and interior landscaping are a poor substitute for outdoor parks or nature preserves. Under these conditions, “Joys of Forests” creates an interior condition with the perception, phenomenon, and emotion of nature.

Floating in the air, semitransparent shiny laser holographic paper pieces are linked by vertical transparent fishing lines in grids. This matrix of paper pieces constitutes a cubic space 25ft long, 20ft wide, 20ft high, and 10ft above the ground. The density of papers is regulated by distance to represent a forest canopy in nature. Light from above travels through the paper, reflecting and refracting patterns onto the ground with colorful sparkling layers of shadows. If a slight wind occurs, the strings will gently move. Pieces of paper rustle, recalling the sound of the forest in the wind. People experience joys while walking under a dreamlike paper canopy, with sublime light and shadows, with the gentle voice of the natural wind.

“Joys of Forests” installation proposes new indoor-outdoor experiences in architecture. It presents a new method for people to interact with nature through the play of light and shadow, the phenomena by artificial materials, and emotions experienced while immersed in the installation space. This “nature” offers a new history generated in the New Media Age, a nature people will be accustomed to in the future.


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