Anna Bosch



There are studies that say that our brain reacts positively to water, that it calms us and stimulates us to be more creative. This project pretends to immerse the visitor to such an experience which involves immersing different senses.

images immersion

This art installation consists of large white square box sized 20’ x 20’ x 10’. It is fabricated of anodized aluminum and suspended from the ceiling and supported by cables allowing for variable heights.

different heights

Inside the box, there is a curved screen visible from the bottom. Different videos of WATER are projected onto the screen. While below the box there is a comfortable round sofa that can be shared by several people. It allows visitors to sit and look up and view the images in the box. Headphones are also provided which reproduce the actual sound of the image played in the screen in that moment.

3 elementsdetail box


Exemple of sound reproduced in the headphones:  Water sound




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