Alan Dang

Supple Sculpture Draft Board

Building off of the exhibit “Huggable Architecture,” by Rachel Dickey (2016), sense[able] sculptures is a piece that challenges current formal, architectural typologies. Many pieces today are sharp, loud, aggressive, etc., but what if buildings and architectural pieces were the opposite? What if they were soft? Would this increase human interaction? Typically things that have “soft” qualities tend to promote users to touch and feel; to experience and interact.

For the Venice Bienniele, sense[able] sculptures would be an installation that promotes human interaction. It would be a reconfigurable structure where users can sit, touch, feel, build, lay, or anything else that they desire. The individual components come at different scales to conform to different proportions and people. In terms of materiality, they all give the illusion of being soft, however, the components range from something soft and squishy to hard and smooth.

Deriving from an “ur-form” study of a feather, the sense[able] sculpture is the complete opposite of anything that may be sharp or shard-like. It is relaxed and hopefully will provide users a sense of relaxation and comfort in their everyday life.


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