Boyuan Dong

On-Site Dialogue in Chicago Biennale

This installation is inspired from a photograph taken from on-site Dialogue in Chicago Biennale. It explores the meaning of “IllUSION” in the material world. Over the years, artists Robert Gonsalves, or Oleg Shupliak have used the power of illusions with mind-blowing paintings to challenge the human mind. As for this installation, it offers a new perception of “illusion” through a creative “shadow sculpture”, making passersby think and look twice. In this way, people’s routine lives are enriched.


Making in The Light

This design is a human scale installation. There are three main parts in this installation: light source, screen, material combinations. Light source plays a significant role as the projection. As for materiality, it includes some quotidian objects such as wood rods, metallic or foam balls, blocks, etc. With these quotidian materials and light, the projected images on the screen creates familiar scenes, such as the scene of people talking, animals…. Lastly, the addition of people into this installation offers unpredictability. People can choose to sit, stand, or other poses to be included with these “actors”. In this way, people are a movable and flexible element within the installation to finally form an intriguing scene on the screen with other inert materials. Viewer interaction creates an engaging and fun tableau.


This installation aims to explore the fun part and new meaning of “illusion”, but it also reminds people that there are many unexpected “new worlds” hidden in our routine life, ready to be found.


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