The Field


“Field Conditions”–by Stan Allen

The Field- Stan Allen

The field is expanses of open ground that defined not by overarching geometrical schemas but by intricate local connections. It contains no matter or material points, rather functions, vectors and speeds. It describes local relations of difference within fields. The field is not an individual and fixed matter with shape. It describes parts form ensemble which in turn form larger wholes. Interval, repetition, and seriality is the key concepts of field. The field is an open-ended expandable space moves from one to the many: from individuals to collectives, from objects to fields

The Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain, constructed over a span of nearly eight centuries, offers an instructive counterexample. The form of the mosque had been clearly established: an enclosed forecourt, flanked by a minaret tower, opening onto a covered space for worship. The enclosure is loosely oriented toward the qibla, a continuous prayer wall marked by a small niche . The columns are located at the intersection of these two vectors, forming a highly charged field. The axial, processional space of the Christian church gives way to a nondirectional space, a serial order of ”one thing after another...the great mosque represented Independent elements are combined additively to form an indeterminate whole. Field configurations are expandable


“Field Conditions”–by Stan Allen

To briefly extend the argument to a more recent example, Le corbusier’s venice hospital employs a syntax of repeated self-same parts, establishing multiple links at its periphery with the city fabric. The project develops horizontally, through a logic of accumulation. The basic block of program, the care unit formed of twenty-eight beds, is repeated throughout. Consulting rooms occupy open circulation spaces in the covered areas between. The rotating placement of blocks establishes connections and pathways from ward to ward. While the displacement of the blocks opens up voids within the horizontal field of the hospital. There is no single focus, no unifying geometric schema. As in the mosque at cordoba, the overall form is a connection to local condition.


“Field Conditions”–by Stan Allen



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